20 Cutest and Realistic Felted Bunnies You’ve Ever Seen!

Online collection of cutest needle felted bunnies – my personal Etsy TOP-20 favorites!

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Disclosure#2 (haha): this is an AWW & WOW post which may lead you to a burst of oxytocin. Recommended for people who simply need a bunch of cuteness and coziness after a long hard day…  

It’s just a little post to confess my tender love for cute and sweet rabbits and my endless admiration of these wonderful Etsy crafters’ works. I love exploring Etsy to find some interesting little treasures and sometimes (actually, pretty often!) I ran into some really unbelievable and incredible pieces of art! I think the only people with true love and devotion to what they are doing can create such amazing miracles…



These beautiful and very realistic toys are crafted by needle felting – which is fairly hard and complicated work. Some time ago I was wondering about this way of crafting and did a lot of a research on this topic. I learned about the basic supplies such as a special Felting Needle Tool, a Felting Needle Mat, and yarn for needling. It is possible to find a starter kit for those who want to find out if needle felting is going to be their lifetime hobby. And I discovered that the creation of even a small needle felted toy involves hours and hours of quite difficult and monotonous work… well, it probably won’t work for me right now. But that makes my respect for these people even greater and I’m so excited to share my findings with you! Perhaps, some of them will become your favorite crafters… And maybe this article will give you some good ideas for gorgeous and unique presents for your loved ones!

I called it TOP-20 but honestly, all these little bunny creatures are worthy to share the #1 place in this collection because it’s impossible to choose the best one))

Some of them were available for sale at the time of this post, many of them are already sold but probably can be ordered again as a replica. And ALL of them are great examples of creativity, love, and devotion!

Ready? Set… Go!))

My collection starts with this adorable Mister Peach-In-a Hat (that’s how I call him) created byMagic. (Oh, that sounds like a pun but yes, I can barely believe that such a miracle came out of a simple needle, not a magic wand!) He looks so real and little shy…

My next favorite is this sweet loopy-eared guy by FeltingTreasureland. “Can I have a cranberry… please??” Bunnies love them so much!

The amazing feature of many handmade felted creations is that they are very flexible because of a special wiring inside. This big-eyed ginger cuteness created by Pupfelt – he can sit, and lie, and stay on his back paws and much more!

And we can easily imagine that very realistic bunny from the same workshop is quite ready to jump off the owner’s hand and hop around!

This rabbit created by AnnaRyasnova looks so real that it’s hard to believe it’s just a toy!

Even the tough heart would be melted by this adorable creature (born in KissingHandsCraft‘s workshop).

Lionhead bunnies took my heart long ago and I was very happy to find this fluffy guy (from FeltDoggy‘s workshop). They do look like little proud lions, don’t they?!

Mr. Long and Loopy Ears came into this world from the Willain‘s workshop…

And this cozy wonder too!

This unbelievably beautiful bunny (born in SteviT‘s workshop) hopes to find some sweet carrots in your garden!

In the Hobbyshop2015 I found a whole little pack of absolutely adorable needle felted bunnies, so tiny that you can hold them in your hand like this yellow daisy bun:

Or that cute snuggly fuzzy ball:

Or this little hero who is definitely going to defeat this giant carrot with just two bites!

Charming Pink Princess

And gentle Bunny Butterfly))

And finally, felted bunnies from my most favorite YvonnesWorkshop – meet His Fuzziness Sir Hops A Lot:

Little Sleeping Cutie

and another one

And (I probably adore them the most!) a little cozy nest full of cuddly baby bunnies!





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