Hi, my friends!!! My name is Masha though sometimes my husband calls me The Red Squirrel 🙂 Mmm… yeah, I do like to have red color for my hair… maybe because I also really LOVE Irish dancing, flamenco, and rock-n-roll. Actually, I’m enjoying many things: walking in the rain, relaxing in the warm lavender bath tab, swimming in the cold mountain river, the falling leaves rustle under my feet, the touching of the silk, wind in my hair and ocean surf sound…

I’ve come to realize precious our life is and I’m learning how to cherish every moment of it… Simple things… child’s laugh, a smile of your beloved one, holding hands… what can be more wonderful than these true treasures?
In my blog, I’m going to share many interesting things and projects… you might find something useful and something not))) but I know how much excitement all this crafting-cooking-baking-designing brings to me and I’m also sharing this wonderful energy with you!!!
I live in Arizona, one of the most beautiful states and of course, everyone knows about Grand Canyon and Monument Valley but if you’ve never been here before… guys, you really should come and see our wonderful winter sunsets! Pink mountains under the pink sky… makes me fall in love with Arizona forever!

I’m also a graphic and web designer and a copywriter. I’d be happy to give you a hand if you need some of my services. I always love to learn something new and I love to share my experience with other people 🙂 Thank you for jumping on my Red Squirrel’s Tree and together we will help it to grow high and blossom beautifully!