Cactus FREE Printable: Desert Vibes Home Decor

Cactus Wi-Fi FREE printable to bring some desert vibes into your home décor!    

When I moved to Arizona, I was very impressed with its surprising flora and wildlife. Desert landscape may seem boring during the hot and dry summer; it’s mostly all about shades of taupe and khaki. But in spring everything suddenly bursts with bright rich colors and an exuberant birds’ singing intertwined with the sweet citrus tree blossoms fragrance fills up the air. And of course, cactus is the number one plant here. Cacti and succulents are everywhere: magnificent giant saguaros, fuzzy la chollas, flaming red ocotillo flowers and aspiring towards the sky yuccas proudly inhabit this glorious land. They also make a very impressive (and low maintenance) outdoor plant and almost everyone here wants to have them in their front yard!

A charming LEGO desert scene installation at one of the AZ malls.

I discovered that desert vibes appear to be very attractive for many people and I totally agree with them! “Spiky on the outside but soft on the inside” cactus has an ability to suddenly amaze us with its gorgeous flowers and no wonder it’s one of today’s trendy mainstreams.

Exited to share a little piece of a blossoming desert, I created this letter sized watercolor cactus FREE printable 🙂 It’s a PDF file, totally free for personal use and you can download it HERE.

Free Cactus Wi-Fi printable to bring some desert vibes into your home décor!

I really like this beautiful mockup with the picture frame I used for displaying my cactus printable! I found it on Freepik, a great source of stunning photos and other design assets which can be very helpful for every blogger.


Designed by Freepik

I hope this Wi-Fi Cactus Art will bring some Arizona’s charm into your home décor. Enjoy!

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