DIY Beldi Linden Peach Soap: 22 Benefits For Your Skin!

DIY Beldi: discover how to make your own Linden Peach beldi soap with the great pack of 22 benefits for your skin!

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It’s probably not your first time when you came across beldi soap. You may already know about its awesome benefits for the skin.

A classic and the most common DIY beldi recipe (Savon Noir) includes dried black olives. Well, classic beldi is amazing but… All these ideas about soft soap with herbs allow so much room for creativity that it gave me a craving for making something special.

DIY Beldi Linden Peach Soap: 22 Benefits For Your Skin!



All the ingredients for this DIY beldi can be easily found in most grocery stores and it does not have any pure lye (so it is a safer beldi-making start for the beginners) and still the result is REALLY wonderful!

This recipe includes raspberry, peach, linden, chamomile and green tea which works absolutely excellent for our skin because they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Here is just a short review of their benefits for the skin:

Looks very promising, doesn’t it?


Yardley Oatmeal & Almond Soap bar 120 g – 1 bar

Olive oil – 2 tbsp.

Coconut oil – 1 tbsp.

Green tea – 3 tea bags

Linden –  2 tbsp. (4 tea bags)

Chamomile – 2 tbsp. (4 tea bags)

Peach tea – 2 tbsp. (4 tea bags)

Dried raspberries – 1 tbsp.

Coenzyme Q10 – 3 softgels

Distilled water – 1 cup

Grater with small holes



First of all, I shredded the soap:

Why the soap flakes need to be prepared first – is because we’re not going to actually boil soap as most of the recipes advise but instead, we’ll simply blend a hot tea-herb mixture with our soap in the blender (and the blending part needs to be done pretty fast for better soap dispersing).

The next step is preparing the green tea – just let 3 tea bags soak about 5 minutes in 1 cup of water…

Then we have to warm it up again because we’re going to put our herbs and raspberries in.

Use the blender on a high (liquefy) mode to make sure that our mixture is thoroughly homogenized. It would look something like this (but you shouldn’t take the mixture out of the blender yet unless it needs to be warmed up more):

Finally, we add our soap flakes and then we mix it in on low speed (I’ve used the stirring and beating mode because the mass was pretty thick).

For the last step, when beldi soap cools off a little, we squeeze coenzyme softgels and add oils in and blend it a bit more, then take all the mixture out. My mixture looked this way:

So, this is my first homemade beldi soap and my skin really LOVES it! I use it alone or add some sugar or salt for more scrubbing effect and leave it on for 5 minutes. The soap color can turn more reddish and it’s ok.

This beldi needs to be stored in the refrigerator (because of its natural components).

My skin feels much softer, toned, well-moisturized and shines healthy. I’m very glad to share this little DIY beldi with you to help make your skin happier too!))

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