DIY Christmas Tree: An Easy Project To Do With Kids

A little story about our happy Calico Critters Family and how they got their own Christmas tree…

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Christmas is probably the most long-awaited holiday for kids (and parents too, of course!). What can be more beautiful than their eyes shining with great anticipation of all the fun and joy (oh yeah, and the presents lol)? Our girl says that Santa always knows what she will be really pleased with and it’s true! 🙂 This Christmas along with the other gifts he brought her two cutest baby pandas for her Calico Critters (Sylvanian) collection. These little creatures are so adorable and they come in so many varieties! She currently has the kangaroo family (mom, dad, big sister and the newborn baby). They also adopted two bunnies and this Christmas baby pandas Rosemary and Alex joined this happy growing family.

DIY Christmas Tree: An Easy Project To Do With Kids

On school breaks, we usually like to have some interesting projects. Little Sylvanians also got a bathroom set from Santa so they needed a new room to fit everything in. Oh, I really love this set! Look how tiny and detailed everything is!

I created a new room out of a sturdy cardboard box and decorated with a cozy daisy filed pattern.

Emmalie was happy that her furry friends had a new bathroom. She was working on her gingerbread house and we were discussing that we should make a couple more rooms for them.

And then we realized that our Sylvanians don’t have their own Christmas tree! Oh no, we needed to fix it right away! 🙂

We had a nice little walk to JoAnn and the weather was very nice. We even had to take off our jackets because it was really warm even though it was December, 26. We don’t get any snow in our part of Arizona in the winter (unless we go to the mountains in the North). Everything about Christmas was on sale at JoAnn, of course. With 75% off it looked so tempting and we got a few cute things for our future projects. For our DIY we decided to use this Christmas tree, those red pom-poms, and absolutely charming little golden bells. We already had some golden paint and Clear Gel Tacky glue that we could use as well.

The Sylvanians were patiently waiting and telling us Christmas stories…

First of all, we used some glue to attach the pom-poms.

They were light and they definitely would not fall off because of their weight.

It already looked pretty but we wanted to try adding the bells as well.

We were hoping the bells would not be too heavy for this type of glue (and the tree “branches”). Well, during the process they did fall couple times before they really stuck to the tree. So we had to be careful and not to shake it too much)). It also helped to sink them a little bit inside to create better adhesion.

A double layer of golden paint to the tree’s foundation…

And finally, it was ready! Emmalie also finished decorating the gingerbread house… isn’t it cute??

Yaay, our Sylvanians now had their own Christmas tree! It was tall and beautiful, and its little bells were softly ringing…

Happy Sylvanians gathered around and they were very delighted. We wished them a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and many more little Calico Critters coming to join their family (I’m sure, Santa heard us!)

Happy Holidays to you all!!!


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