DIY Eclectic Style Coffee Canister

Cheap and easy DIY project: give a new life to the old container!

DIY Eclectic Style Coffee Canister

I’m not really an early morning bird (I confess) but whatever time I have to get up, I can’t imagine my morning without the amazing aroma of fresh-made coffee. It seemed to me that I would not be able to wake up without my little coffee drink… Hmm… well, I discovered that I can do pretty good without it, when I really don’t have time or opportunity but… HOW IT IS REALLY WONDERFUL to start your new day with a cup of sweet-creamy-delicious cappuccino!! (I’m sure many people will agree with me))

When I tried to find a proper coffee storage container/canister at the stores and online, I could not find anything which I really liked. Some of them weren’t stylish enough; the others were a bit pricey…

Then my eyes were suddenly attracted by an empty sport pre-workout supply container… Eureka!

The lid of that container would close hermetically… just needed to add some design!

So, first part was to remove the sticky label. I left the container wrapped into a wet cloth and packed into a zip bag for a couple hours, then used a heavy-duty scrubber sponge and then some alcohol to remove the trace of the label. (Do not do it with any silver-looking labels, it is very hard to clean off some metal-containing stickers from this type of canister). I also use scrubbing with vegetable oil first and then with alcohol for stubborn hard-removal traces.

My design tools for decoration were very simple: a Silver Sharpie Permanent Marker (a really useful thing!)

and a couple of Friendship Bracelet Threads

First I made a couple of tassels and tied them up around my container

Then I just unleashed my imagination and drew this lace-like pattern:

and more

For this project, I mixed a couple styles (this is why I call it eclectic) together and I finally had an amazing & stylish (and almost free) coffee canister which I’ve always wanted!


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