DIY EOS Ideas: Easter Wreath

DIY EOS Ideas: an easy DIY to convert your empty lip balm containers into a colorful Easter wreath!

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As I shared before, I am a big fan of the repurpose/upcycle and redecorating projects. I always try to repurpose different things – it’s so fun to turn some old stuff (which otherwise would end up in the trash can) into something new. Interesting DIY EOS ideas have been inspiring me for a long time and finally, I can present my own project: a DIY EOS Easter wreath!

DIY EOS Ideas: Easter Wreath

Living in Arizona has its challenges. With average humidity level around 22%, it was very important to me to find the best lip moisture protectant I could. I use lip balm all the time and I absolutely adore EOS because it is made out of 100% natural organic oils and shea butter. It really makes a GREAT difference for my lips. Some time ago I was very happy to discover this EOS 6-pack lip balm with those 6 absolutely delicious flavors which helps me to enjoy EOS protection for much longer!

After a few months, I found myself having a lot of empty EOS containers. They have such pretty candy colors and it would be so sad just to throw them away! I was thinking of how to reuse all of them and looked through tons of DIY EOS ideas… Easter was coming and the egg shape of my former EOS vessels enlightened me for this fun project. A DIY EOS Easter Wreath!

Here is what I used for this project:

Also, I made a few ribbons out of various polka dot fabrics I had.

First of all, I had to decide what to do with that stripe in the middle of EOS lip balm container.

I chose to cover it up with a lace ribbon. For that purpose, I used Tacky Glue. It’s a safer option if you do your project with kids – they can easily help with this part, wrapping the EOS egg into a ribbon soaked in glue. I was going to have my Easter wreath indoors. Of course, if you plan to hang it outside, you should use some other type of glue, the wet weather-resistant type (hot glue gun will work as well, just be careful because the glue actually soaks through the lace).

I did not cover the flat area on the EOS egg with the lace. I was going to use this spot for gluing the eggs to the wreath.

Look at all those cute little Easter eggs converted from the old EOS containers! They already could be a nice Easter decoration just the way they were. But I had different plans for them)).

The second step was to decorate the wreath with the flowers.

After that, I used my hot glue gun to attach the EOS “eggs” to the wreath.

And finally, I added some ribbons to complete the look.

I was very satisfied with the result and that I was able to give a new purpose to these old containers. I also have many other DIY EOS ideas which I’m going to share with you soon! Happy Easter to you all!

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