DIY Fall Decor: Dollar Store Inspired

An easy DIY fall decor project for cozy Thanksgiving – brighten up your house with this golden pumpkin craft!    

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When I surf on Pinterest, I sometimes catch myself diving deeply into the articles with different complicated and interesting master classes like needle felting or silk flowers making… definitely very attractive crafts… time-consuming too and require a lot of practice. But whenever I discover a new dollar store project, I can’t resist clicking on that pin! 🙂 I’m always amazed how people have those insights, how they use a few cheap $1 items and suddenly it all turns out into a beautiful home décor masterpiece! Also, most of the time, these DIYs are pretty quick and easy as well (I’m a big fan of quick-and-easy low budget projects). Thank you guys for all the inspiration and now let me add my little piece to the world of the dollar store inspired crafts – my golden pumpkin DIY fall decor! 🙂

DIY Fall Decor

Not all the items used in this DIY were found at the dollar store but the main elements definitely came from there.

  • First, I discovered this pretty orange felted mat – just 99 cents at 99 Cents Only Store!
  • And these beautiful maple leaves decorations, 99 cents as well
  • A medium size pumpkin
  • I already had my favorite glue (I like to use this one with many DIYs because it dries clear, can be easily washed off and it’s also safe to use for many school projects – and we have many times!)
  • I also needed the golden and white acrylic paint – I got them at JoAnn’s.
  • And the brush (I used the shader#10 of the Royal Taklon brush set).

When I first saw this fall motive mat, I was surprised by how precisely it was made and it definitely would serve my purposes. I was going to use some of those leaves for the chalk-like stamping.

After cutting those out, I got many perfect leave shapes!

The next step was to make them into stamps – so I painted the one side of the leaf with the white acrylic paint.

For the first time it required more paint but then it went easier 🙂

Here is my first stamp! I tried to press evenly all the sides of the leaf to get a better print.

Some prints would come out wonderfully; the others needed a little final touch of the brush.

But overall, I already liked the result!

The next step was to paint the rest of the leaves golden.

And then I glued the golden leaves to the pumpkin…

And also some leaves from the “Welcome Fall” packet.

I liked my pumpkin even more but I felt like something was still missing…

Hmm… I thought about adding some golden beads but after searching in my bead box I realized that I did not have the right size and shape. Well, then I just used a handful of white beads and covered them with the same golden paint. It worked out pretty good!

The final touch of the gold paint turned my pumpkin almost into Cinderella’s carriage 🙂 Also, I golden-painted a couple of the thin leaves and glued them to the stem.

And here is the shiny result!

I was so happy to share this little tutorial with you and maybe it will inspire you for another DIY fall decor project. Happy Fall and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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