Gift Ideas: DIY Multi Layer Liquid Soap

Easy DIY for beautiful Multi Layer Liquid Soap: pamper your hands with this wonderful skin-care recipe and create a touching present for someone special!

Let me invite you into an inspiring soap-making adventure!

Why make your own liquid soap?

Well, first, it’s so much fun and it’s something you may want to do with your kids – they really like all crafting-creative stuff and this is one of your wonderful moments together which they’ll remember even when they grow up)) Also it’s something that lets your Inner Child out too! Something which breaks your everyday routine and brings you back to the play-and-creative time of your childhood…

Second, you can create a custom soap which will really meet all your requirements. I have very dry sensitive skin and need to put lotion on my hands even if I only rinse them. So I was really surprised to discover that I don’t need ANY lotion after using the soap made with this recipe.

And, finally – it can be a cool little present made with love and inspiration!

So, here is what you will need:

1 bar of Ivory Soap

2 ½ Cup of distilled water

½ tbsp. of coconut oil

4-6 drops of lavender oil

2 capsules of vitamin E

Food color


Ivory soap is also known as the bar which can float – because it’s full of air bubbles.

Chopping this bar into pieces was very easy… maybe because of the bubbles?

I decided to use a blender for mixing the ingredients to add even more bubbles into my soap. Besides, it makes the work much easier by helping to avoid all the shredding and boiling from classic recipes. I mixed water, soap, coconut oil, vitamin E and lavender oil all together.

Some people say that using a blender helps to enrich soap with oxygen, but I’m not quite sure about it. Anyway, it looks very funny when your soap tries to escape out of the blender (I had to press the lid really hard) because all the mixture instantly increases its volume)) My blender holds 6 cups altogether, I had 2.5 cups of water for 1 soap bar and it was barely enough space in the blender bowl after mixing. I used the “liquefy” mode. So maybe it’s a good idea to use half of all the ingredients.

So now we have this fluffy-puffy liquid soap base and we can use it for different soap projects.

I decided to make a small gift bottle of the liquid soap and to decorate it by using 2 colored layers.  I used 3 drops of the blue food color for the first layer (for 1 ½ cups of the white base), then placed the first layer on the bottom of the soap bottle (using a funnel). Then I added 3 more drops of blue color to the rest of my light blue mixture. This is the part which children actually like the most!

The result of layering looked like this:

And then I just needed to add a bit more of decor – and here you go:

Of course, the choice of color and quantity of layers, essential oils and other additional ingredients may vary – it’s all about your preferences and creativity!

And here is another project that can be made out of our white Ivory liquid base.

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