Plastic Drawer Makeover

Plastic drawer makeover: a budget-friendly way to transform your boring plastic organizer into a cute aqua sandy chest!

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Sometimes we have things in our house which we bought a long time ago; they don’t really look pretty; they were convenient at the moment, served our purposes and then became a little (or not so little) irritating piece of …hmmm maybe not junk, but something which we would want to give away or move into the farthest corner of the garage.

This plastic drawer was sitting in our house for a while. What can I say? It was an ordinary plastic organizer and it was clear, so we could easily see whatever was stored in it and it didn’t help this useful, but oh so boring-looking item, to be any prettier. So… it was calling me for a makeover challenge!))

Plastic Drawer Makeover


Yes, here it is, our old plastic froggy, waiting on the patio for its magical transformation into a Prince Charming))

But first I had to do a little bit of a research… Not every paint sticks to plastic!

I was going to cover my organizer with acrylic paint but after I dug through many DIY tutorials, I found out that painting over the plastic requires a couple layers of special primer. Also, as I am a big fan of stencil patterns, I decided to use one of my favorites for this tutorial.

So, I prepared:

Also, I used a safety mask for protection while spraying the primer. This is the kind of work that you want to do outside the house)

I applied the primer 2 times on the front and the sides of each shelf (leaving the bottom and the back unpainted). I let some time for each layer to dry.

After that, I put an additional layer of white acrylic paint using a shader #10.

Before starting all my work, I made a little sample (just a cardboard box) – to find out how my stencil pattern and the chosen colors go together… I also used a little bit of gold paint for some shabby chic accent.


I was quite pleased with the result! But, when I placed my stencil on the drawer’s shelf, I discovered that it does not fit all the way, so I had to cut off the top of the stencil. Using a shader #6 and thoroughly pressing the edges of the stencil, I made the first part of the pattern – an aqua colored bird!

I also found out that I will have to move the stencil to apply the tree branch pattern. Every time after that I was drying off my stencil with napkins to avoid any spots and leaks.

The picture turned-out to be pretty and lively! Hmm… wasn’t this little guy a bit lonely though? Let’s make him happy!

I continued, using the same technique but flipped the stencil. My little male bird got a wonderful girlfriend and now they could look at each other’s eyes and happily tweet together forever! 🙂

For the smaller top shelves, I applied a stripped pattern using a shader#6.  I do like how aqua and sand colors go together, bringing me sweet memories of the ocean shoreline…

And the last step was to add some Acrylic sealer for a glossy finish.

Now, instead of a dull plastic drawer, I have a cute little piece of furniture which brings me joy every time I look at it!

The simplicity of this method and the great variety of stencils in every craft store allow us to breathe new life into old things. I hope I was able to pass some of my “makeover itch” to help inspire you to turn something forgotten-in-the-attic-and-unwanted into a real -piece of art!

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